Monday, July 25, 2011

This week's winners

Credit must be given where it is due. Hats off to the Business Agenda team at NTV for piecing together a beautiful show on the EAC (East African Community) and where it is headed from a business perspective. I think the panel was brilliantly selected both from Kampala and Nairobi, and the two hosts- Wallace Kantai and his Ugandan counterpart were almost reading my mind in asking the questions that mattered. The duo knew their stuff and exhibited no signs of being cowed by the CEOs and government bigwigs who made up the in-studio audience.
Graphics swivelled and slid very smoothly in colours gentle on the eye. Breaks and switches between the two cities' transmissions were timed to perfection.
The sheer length of the programme allowed us to soak up plenty of information- I could go on and on, gushing over the pros of this show. Please keep it coming, NTV guys.

Assuming I'd put my hat back on, I would take it off again to salute K24's Capital Talk. Though a good show already (largely thanks to Jeff Koinange's charisma), this Monday's episode was made all the more special by his 9 year old guest. The little angel though battling with cancer, had the most radiant, irrepressible smile. No one could blame the veteran journalist for going speechless, jaw dangling, eyes saucer-like for at least half of the interview. Neither was I surprised by the tears welling up in my sister's eyes (not mine, I swear!) at the sheer determination gleaming from the sweet creature's face, knowing she was slated for a chemo session on the morrow.
That said, I must register my disappointment with the guy who does the graphics. The guys on the cameras have clearly improved- we no longer suffer from the atrocious angles- why not the graphics? Come on guys, give us something more fluid with captivating colours, I know you have it in you. It is a shame to see a show with such brilliant content hamstrung by pale, sticky images.

Hopefully, we will be able to register more positives this coming week. Ciao!